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EDGE  of the  WEST

Edge of the West is a rock n' roots jam band that plays danceable, fun music with a lot of heart. Their quirky originals and inventive instrumental journeys take you out there, and then bring it all back home with good old hippie classics and soulful covers. Their shows are always a good party. Edge of the West mixes their own songs with eclectic selections from a variety of genres. On any given night you might hear anything from Johnny Cash to Grateful Dead to Sun Ra.  Across the canyon we hear drums in the distance. Notes From the underground drift like smoke signals to a strange, familiar place where old friends meet for the very first time -

the Edge of the West


Guitar - Jm Lewin

Bass - Bill Laymon

Piano - Ken Margolis

Drums - Marty Carpenter






EdgeOfTheWest 6x8 pic lo res.jpeg
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