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Hedley Kow


Hedley Kow plays alternative bluegrass, trad grass, weird old folk, acoustic jam and other musical specii from throughout the wooden American universe. Led by bluegrass deviant Jim Lewin and featuring a somewhat fluid lineup of accomplished pickers with pedigrees, The Kow brings it. Their West Coast take on the tradition is a tastily twisted blend they've concocted to entertain and mystify club, concert and music festival audiences.



Recent Hedley Kow sighting, L - R :

Steve Uccello,  Jason Lampel,  Jim Lewin,  Jeremy Lampel

Jim Lewin  (Frank Wakefield, Harmony Grits)

Jeremy Lampel  (Strungover, Naked Bootleggers)

Jason Lampel  (Down Beats, Broke Mtn Bluegrass)

Steve Uccello (Keith Greeninger, Monterey Jazz All-Stars)


AUDIO  :  Hedley Kow  -  Calico    >>



AUDIO  :  Hedley Kow  -  Bob Dylan's Dream  >>



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